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10 Fun and cool things to do in London


Have you ever dreamed of visiting London off the beaten path while enjoying the classics that the UK capital has to offer? If you want to spend unforgettable moments during your stay, you are at the right place! What to see in the English capital? Our 10 tips will help you get to know London and leave it with great memories and incredible stories to tell.

, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

1. Play street games

Fire Hazard is a small London-based company that organizes unusual gaming in the real world (from a warehouse robbery in Hackney to the zombie Apocalypse in Hampstead Heath). Enjoy a crazy day full of activities and adrenaline. Be your own hero, join one of Fire Hazard’s events and discover London under a different view!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

2. Play Bowling in London

The Keel game mainly played in the hostels of England. Similar to bowling, players take turns throwing wooden balls (called cheese) down an alley where the wooden pins are exposed to make them fall. The main challenge of the game lies because the balls should not touch the ground before hitting the pins. Stop at Freemasons Arms in Hampstead to enjoy a night in the name of “beer and keel” as Dickens said in the Pickwick Papers!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

3. Spend time with Knights Templar

Visit the Temple Church, between Fleet Street and the River Thames, and enjoy the mysteries of Knights Templar, such as the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant. For fans of Da Vinci Code, this is the place to bring out the Tom Hanks in you trying to find clues to solve this famous puzzle.



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

4. Visit Platform 9¾

If you or your child are big fans of Harry Potter, you cannot miss the 9¾ platform at King’s Cross station! Magically concealed between platforms nine and ten, this is the platform students take to board the Hogwarts Express and take them to the wizard school on September 1st. Do not be shy and ask the station staff where the 9¾ platform is, everybody is a fan!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

5. The Speakers’ Corner

Have you ever thought of giving a speech in front of a large audience? This is the place for you! The Speaker Corner located northeast of Hyde Park, proclaimed by Parliament as the place where people can claim their right to meet, discuss and appeal. Born of the civil rights struggle during the Victorian era in the United Kingdom, these established orders were a key factor of democratic institutions.



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

6. Take part in the Ceremony of Keys

The Key Ceremony is a 700-year-old tradition that takes place every night at the Tower of London. This Ceremony involves the official closing of doors and people may escort the guardian as far as they have applied. Closing the doors is very important because it protects the fortress where the Crown jewels are as well as many valuables! You are not allowed to take photos and the confidentiality of the ceremony makes the occasion even more remarkable!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

7. Be in two terrestrial hemispheres at the same time

Have you always dreamed of being in two places at the same time? Well, now you can thank to the Prime Meridian of the World, at the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, London. The Prime Meridian is the 0 ° longitude line, splitting the earth into two hemispheres: the eastern hemispheres and the western hemisphere. Travelers come from all over the world to have one foot on each side of the line and be on two hemispheres at the same time!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

8. Mind the Gap – Explore the Tube

The London Underground also known as Tube and the oldest underground railway line. The first line of the Tube opened in 1863, for over 150 years it dazzles us with its architecture. Do not miss the modern style of Southwark and Westminster, the old paved quay on Baker Street, as well as Southgate and Gants Hill station, whose Charles Holden design is a must-visit in London!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

9. Direction the imaginary world of Neverland

Second star on your right and straight until morning? If your kids (or maybe you) are big fans of Peter Pan, you cannot miss the Peter Pan Statue at Kensington Gardens. The statue built in 1912 by its creator, Sir James Matthew Barrie, at the place where Peter Pan arrived after his first flight out of the manger (as written in “Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens”). What are you waiting for? Climb the statue and try to catch elf dust and do not forget to interact with Peter Pan!



, 10 Fun and cool things to do in London, YouLondon

10. Kingsland Road: A must-to-see in London

Full of life and colours, near to the hipster Shoreditch is the Kingsland Road with a range of standout bars, shops and restaurants, take a stroll and be surprised … Get out at the Dalston Kingsland station in the middle of this street, you can find the best spots in London. We have our favourites: The Shacklewell Arms, Alibi and Efes Poll Bar. The bars on Kingsland Road are excellent, just make your choice…

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