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Exploring London Royal Parks


Also known as ‘The Big Smoke’ London has many green spaces. If you are in London or planning to visit it during summer, get ready to pack a picnic, lay back under the trees or enjoy a shaded bench in one of the London Royal parks.
Here is a list of some of the best London Royal Parks that you can visit during your stay in the city.



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Hyde Park

Your visit to London will not be complete without a visit to the Hyde Park. Home of various concert events, as well as an open water, swimming places, plenty of relaxing places, this park is the largest Royal Park. Established back in 1536 and opened to the public in 1637, it has been a major tourist attraction among people who come to London. Out of the key attractions, you can also find in Hyde Park, the 7th July Memorial, Princess of Wales memorial and Cavalry memorial which are perfect examples of its unique attractions. With lots to enjoy regardless of the weather, this park has also a rose garden to enhance its beauty. Spend a full day at one of the world’s best urban parks.



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Greenwich Park

Being previously used for hunting as well as the oldest enclosed Royal Park in London. Greenwich Park covers about 180 acres. The National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval college have been entitled part of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. Greenwich Park is open to the public throughout the entire year. Come and visit the Royal Observatory home of the Greenwich Mean Time line where the world time is calculated. The Views from the Observatory across the impressive buildings of the financial district of Canary Wharf are spectacular.




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Kensington Gardens

It was a private garden In Kensington Palace. However, it is now open to the public. Attached to the western side of the Hyde Park, with beautiful grounds and many sports fields the park is more famous now that Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement in the garden. One of the unique parts of London where tourists and locals both enjoy the same space for the same reasons. The area surrounding Kensington Gardens was rural, going through some significant recent developments. However, the original features have survived and you will be able to see unique buildings with rich architecture. If you visit Kensington Gardens, the Palace is a must see. It is one of the London top attractions.




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Regent’s Park

Imagine yourself walking through beautiful flowerbeds and seeing more than 12,000 roses, home of the London Zoo and the Regent’s University of London, Regent’s Park has it all and much more. When you visit Regent’s Park you will be amazed on how much it has to offer to walkers, runners, theatregoers it is safe at all times and very well looked after. The total area of this park is around 410 acres. Hence, a large number of activities are available for the people to take part in and enjoy. There are plenty of children’s playgrounds and recreational areas, where families can keep entertained. It is also possible for you to find a boating area within the lake. In other words, Regent’s Park is for you to enjoy the full day.




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Richmond Park

A Magic place where you can walk or cycle next to the red and fallow deer. Built back in 17th Century and it is one of the most prominent parks that you will be able to find in the city. In fact, Richmond Park is the largest one out of the Royal Parks in London. It is also nature’s reserve. With lovely views and rabbits hopping around the daffodils, one day is not enough to experience the best out of it.




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St James’s Park

Feel surrounded by birds, ducks, heron and pelicans, just in a stone thrown from the gates of the Buckingham Palace. A relatively small park when compared to other Royal Parks in London with many monuments and statues. The horse guard’s parade runs along its edge, due to this reason, a large number of tourists get attracted to it on a daily basis. Take a stroll and lose the count of the many water birds you can see.




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Bushy Park

This Oasis in the heart of the Borough of Richmond is a mix of wildlife, gardens, waterways and much more. It is the second largest out of Royal Parks in London. The Bushy Park is open for the public to walk in. Fishing and model boating are two of the most popular activities that people do while they are enjoying this green space. In addition, there are many plants, gardens and wildlife, including fallow deer and red deer.




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Green Park

In Westminster, one of the busiest areas of London. In an area of 47 acres, only a few footsteps from the Whitehall and the Buckingham palace it is a perfect retreat for residents and tourists looking for peaceful under its mature and rare native trees such as the black poplar. There are no playgrounds or lakes in the Green Park. During a pleasant walk through the park, you can see, fountains, statues and memorials.

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