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London Top Hidden Attractions

London is beautiful, bold, and big with the best iconic scenes and settings to fill a country. However, the city is not all about famous locations and well-known attractions. Some of the most photo worthy and scenic spots are also the least known even to people who have loved and lived in London.

Platform 9 ¾ at the King’s Cross

Even if Kings Cross is a hidden gem, being one of the busiest train stations of London, you might be aware of the Platform 9 ¾. The revamped station’s designers should be fans of Harry Potter. It is easy to look for next to platforms 9 and 10 by the queue of muggles who wait to have their photos taken. There is also a souvenir shop where you could stock up on the wizard supplies.

Crossness Pumping Station

Maybe a pumping station is not the perfect first date destination. Yet, for those who love fine Victorian architecture, you can’t resist this place. Constructed completely in year 1865, this industrial masterpiece is a grade one listed building that offers guided tours and open days. It is as fascinating but strangely beautiful atmosphere to behold.

St. Dunstan Located at the East

There are several interesting hidden gems in the city, particularly at the bustling city center. Originally, this church dates from year 1100 yet was damaged in 1666’s Great Fire of London. It was also heavily bomb during Blitz. The tower of the church and steeple constructed by Sir Christopher Wren in year 1695 survived intact. Also, the window frames survived and create an atmospheric backdrop. It is a famous place with the city workers. It is also the best secret London spot for picnics.

Feng Shang Princess

The floating red pagoda isn’t what you would expect to search for an ambling through the Regents Park’s splendor. However, there it hovers. Located canal side among the dense plant life, Feng Shang Princess is a Chinese restaurant, which is a good break from the norm. You may also checkout the nearby bridge for additional photo-op.

Mercato Metropolitano

It isn’t far from the Borough Market. You’ll surely find it as a place with a tempting food selection. Mercato Metropolitano is more like a food court compared to a market, even if there is a Siciian supermarket that is attached to it. There is also a big range of food stalls from vegan and Venezuelan dishes to some of the Italian favorites. There is enough seating inside. There also immersive cinema screenings regularly and ample seating inside.

Temple Church and Inns of Court

It is an area in the city of London. It is more like a city within a city. Located around the Royal Courts of Justice, it is a workplace of the London barristers, but beautiful gardens are open to everyone during lunchtime from Monday-Friday. The temple church dates from the twelfth century and is popular for being a church of Knights Templar. It’s one of the 5 surviving round churches around England. It also features the Da Vinci Code, the famous novel of Dan Brown.


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