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One, Two and Three Day London Visit Itineraries

The mega-city of London is not something you can explore in a lifetime, let alone one, two, or three days. But, when your time is limited during your stay, it is a must to be as strategic as possible. Check out this quick rundown of things you can visit for a one day, two days, and three days stay in this colossal location.

1-Day Itinerary

Spending a single day in London is not really long but you can still see some of the highlights of the city even within this short timeframe. This is an ideal way to kickstart your longer UK trip or if you only have several hours stopover in one of the city’s airports.

Your first stop can be the Tower of London just to get a glimpse of the rich history of the city. You will find yourself at the South Bank once have crossed over the Tower Bridge where you can also see the London Eye. Head out to the Houses of Parliament after that. The Houses of Parliament made up of the House of Commons and House of Lords fill the expansive Palace of Westminster. You can go on a quick self-guided tour here and explore some parts of the building such as the Westminster Hall, the Royal Gallery, and the House of Commons Chamber, just to name a few.

Make the most of your one day stay and check out the Buckingham Palace. This is the London home of Queen Elizabeth II that is open for tours during summers and specific dates in spring and winter. Once a get a fill of royal life at the palace, proceed to Trafalgar Square or catch a show at the West End theatre district.  Cap your tour with a visit at a decent pub where you can grab some food and drinks to commemorate your one-day tour.

2-Day Itinerary

Your two days in London can start with a visit at the Tower of London. Don’t let its unimpressive and grim exterior fool you because its interior bustles with activity all the time. Several towers make up this attraction, and the public can explore 12 of them. Tower Bridge Exhibition can be your next stop, followed, by HMS Belfast, The Shard, and the House of Parliament.

The medieval church of Westminster Abbey is another sight you wouldn’t want to miss. Many coronations and royal weddings were held here and it also offers a magnificent sneak peek of the far reaching history of the city. It is best to do a bit of research in advance before you go here since it is busy all the time. You can spend the rest of your first day at the Churchill War Rooms.

Kick off your second day at the Kensington Palace. Follow it up with a visit to the Royal Albert Hall, V&A Museum, and the Buckingham Palace.

3-Day Itinerary

Start your three-day exploration of London at Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. The long swath of green is an ideal place to just relax and rest before you go head on with your discovery of the city. After you feel rested, start with a trip to the Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, National Gallery and Piccadilly Circus.

For your second day, the British Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge must be on your list.

On the third day, finish your tour with a visit to Tate Modern, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, and the West End Theatre District where you can enjoy a wonderful show to end your London trip.


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