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Top London Cheap Eats

If you’re in London, eating out will make you feel like you’re navigating a minefield. You will be dancing with the different available selections. The reason behind it is that you’ll be confused on whether to eat the best pasta or pizza. Fortunately, London is replete with topnotch quality dining options that will not leave you broke. It only takes a bit of local knowledge to sort wheat from chaff.

Below are the top London cheap eats:

Adam’s Café

At this Tunisian/Moroccan restaurant, it is 3 courses for only £22.50. Adam’s Café is where you could begin with grilled merguez or chicken pastille, then go for prunes and tangine of lamb or couscous royale.

Roti King

Roti Kingdom is known for being a chaotic small Euston basement. It is where monarchs of Malaysia slam out the best rotis in the city. Roti canai are 2 breads with a bowl of dhal. It has a flavor bomb tha is worth pledging fealty to.

Da Maria

It is a family-run treasure that serves pasta, pizza, and secondi. Secondi can be chicken alla caciatora and beef meatballs with roasted potatoes. It isn’t cheap for Notting Hill with any dishes over a tenner.

Melt Room

These days, toasted sandwiches are the ubiquitous hot property. The Melt Room of Soho dishes up gooey sarnies with the best of them. Their own version of mac and cheese is absolutely the melt of choice of cholesterol connoisseur.

Pizza Street

Crispy, thin, chewy, and New York style pizza is available at £3.75 per slice and for £15 for a twenty-inch pie with mainly meaty, generous toppings including lamb meatballs, pepperoni, as well as smoked paprika chicken.

Golden Hind

A good standard-bearer for the top drawer and 103 years old, this half takeaway and half dining room is old school. Its sticky toffee pudding may seem to be an upstart.

Wellbeing Kitchen

It is a place near the Tottenham Court Road station. It dispenses its wellbeing to everyone from cauldrons behind its counter. Red jigae stew is one of the dishes being offered at Wellbeing Kitchen. It is known as a bowl of firecracker because it is spicy, sour, and salty.

Bun House

It is basically a small Cantonese joint that can be found in Soho and it specializes in sealed steamed buns. The contents stamped with a red Chinese script. They are all ace. You can try the first, which cumin-heavy lamb. Another is a blood-laced red chocolate bun for pudding.

DUM Biryani House

Mainstay biryanis at DUM Biryani House are available at £15 to £17. It is a Hyderabad-inspired place and anyone can share one between dahi kebab and fried yoghurt patties. It is a cheap place to eat your lunch.

YMCA Indian Student Hostel

It’d be a mistake to dismiss this place as a student standby. Everybody is welcome in the institutional dining room of YMCA. A vegetable curry is £2.10 and the paratha is available at 1 pound. The stop-outs must note South Indian style breakfast, which is £4.

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