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Top 10 Museums in London


London is a city-museum. Walking in the streets is enough to take your eyes. It does not mean we should neglect the real museums. Especially in London, where the Classical, smart, gigantic and intimate are side by side, here are the most fascinating of London culture!

Discover the fascinating artefacts on exhibit in London’s greatest museums. A real pleasure for culture lovers. Find below a list of London’s main museums – and explore the incredible collections of London’s museums. Do not miss the main art galleries, you won’t be disappointed to spend your whole stay in London inside these fantastic museums.

The permanent collections of major museums in London are usually free while charges apply for the special exhibitions.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

1. The British Museum

One of the most important museums in the world. World famous, the British Museum exhibits the creations of man, from prehistoric times to the present day, with collections from around the world. With its 7 million pieces (Middle Ages, Prehistory), it tells the great story of humanity. A must-see museum where you can admire the famous Pierre de Rosette. Plan the day to go around this free museum! Among the highlights, you will find the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon sculptures and the mummies of ancient Egypt.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

2.  Science Museum

A free museum still in the Kensington neighbourhood, take a ride in this time machine to see the evolution of inventions and scientific and technical discoveries that have made, do and will make the world. The largest scientific collection in the world. Watch, touch and experience the greatest scientific advances of the last 300 years at the Science Museum. From space travel to mathematics to psychology, explore interactive collections and do not miss the impressive IMAX cinema.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

3. Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum) contains a collection of the biggest, the largest and rarest animals in the world. Contemplate its elegant lobby and a permanent exhibition of dinosaurs before going to admire a life-size blue whale or a 40-million-year-old spider. Enjoy your trip to Kensington to connect with the Natural History Museum. A treasure trove for lovers of the beginnings of our world, you will find many skeletons of dinosaurs, and not least since you will be nose to nose with a T-Rex or a Diplodocus, and all kinds of other prehistoric species. A Jurassic Park, but in less risky…



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

4. Victoria and Albert Museum

Art and design are in the spotlight at the V & A Museum which displays 3000 years of objects from around the world. In the heart of Kensington is the Victoria & Albert Museum (V & A), an art and deco museum that will delight you with ceramics, jewellery, decorative objects, furniture and amazing sculptures from around the world.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

5. The London Transport Museum

The Transport Museum London (London Transport Museum) offers exhibitions linking transport and social and cultural history of London. With its buses or even its special taxis, London transport is an integral part of the landscape and identity of the capital. So why not visit the museum dedicated to London transport and discover what the ancestors of these red buses we love so much. It is in Covent Garden.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

6. The Museum of Design

In the South Thames, just steps from Tower Bridge and the Tower of London, this superb museum dedicated to contemporary design, so typical of London. The Design Museum (Design Museum) is the biggest museum in the world dedicated to contemporary design. Check out the new location of the museum in Kensington. Free admission



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

7. Museum of London

The Museum of London is the largest museum of urban history in the world. It is full of historical artefacts and has many exhibits that tell the story of London’s. Discover London from prehistory to the present day, passing through the Roman era and the grandeur of medieval London. Free admission



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

8. Royal Museums of Greenwich

There are four Royal Museums in Greenwich: the National Maritime Museum, Queen’s House, the Royal Observatory with the Peter Harrison Planetarium, and the Cutty Sark, all in the same Greenwich area, a World Heritage Site.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

9. Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum (Imperial War Museum) tells the stories of those who lived and fought in conflicts since the First World War to the present. Explore the revolutionary galleries dedicated to the First World War and a reconfigured atrium of emblematic objects of great dimension. At Elephant & Castle, this museum is fully dedicated to war and conflicts around the world. Period weapons, reconstructions, everything is there to soak up the heavy and particular atmosphere of the turbulent times. The museum renovated in 2014 to celebrate the centenary of the First World War, the opportunity to return for those who have previously had the chance to visit.



, Top 10 Museums in London, YouLondon

10. The National Gallery

Da Vinci, Picasso and Matisse, Rembrandt and Van Gogh! They are all at the National Gallery, another must-see London museum in Trafalgar Square. Over 2000 paintings of masters, step-free accessible (only temporary exhibitions are paying). An institution that has not usurped its reputation!

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