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Best Hotels in London

The hotel scene in London is one of the best these days. During the last 5 years, the new openings were raining down on the city, which transforms what should be the traditional hotelscape in exciting and innovative scenes. The options are varied that there is something to suit each fantasy. The choice is yours.

Rosewood London

The vibe in this hotel is unrestrained luxury for the traditional taste buds. The communal spaces are smothered in mahogany and marble with the neutral color palette that will not scare horses. The crowd is matching a tasteful, match set with lots of money to spare. You are near the Inns of the Court, so you could find the judges sipping gin through the fire in snug Scarfes foodies and bar tripping through the best pies of the city.

The Savoy

Among the hotels around London, it’s one of the most popular. It is known as the rumored favorite hotel of Marlene Dietrich who actually has a suite named after her. Marilyn Monroe also likes The Savoy, which was the first ever hotel in Britain to have an electric light and elevators. Up until now, this hotel is still at the top of the competition. There is a guaranteed shiver of excitement once you step past the tails and top hats of doormen. It will take you back in the days of checkered floor of wood-paneled, grand lobby.


It is a Mayfair grand dame that is submitted to a thoroughgoing facial in year 2005. During that time, the owner was Olga Polizzi, the sister of Rocco Forte. She gave it a new complexion and tucks her way around all the lovely oak paneling, stained glass, and wrought iron. As a result, Brown’s is a contemporary classic, which respects the past without being stuck. Previous guests are Agatha Christie and Rudyard Kipling were they could have to steady their nerves over roast beef or kedgeree. These dishes can be enjoy at the best Hixrestaurant.

45 Park Lane

This hotel takes pride from having luscious feminine curves on its outside. It used to be echoed through its luscious feminine interior. It was when the hotel was home to the Playboy Club that hops with Bunny Girls. As of now, it is a contemporary-art-filled, art deco-styled forty-five room hotel. It is also part of Dorchester Collection, which is the mother ship along the way. The vibe in this hotel is masculine with lots of dark leather, suede, and wood. The delicious rabbit dishes aren’t longer on the menu. In London, the widest beef selection can be found in Cut, the superior steakhouse of Wolfgang Puck.

You may choose any hotel you want in London. If you are confused with the options, try to shop around first and know your needs. Through this, you can be assured that you will find the best one suited for your unique requirements. This will also make your stay or vacation worthwhile and more enjoyable while you’re in London.

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